Accessible Transportation


Once out of the home, one of the most significant barriers to independence for people with physical disabilities is limited access available for assistive accessible transit options, whether to go to work, school, going out for fun, or even - despite government subsidized funding- to see a doctor.

Currently, Club-ABLE is developing a wheelchair accessible transit taxi system that will be operating soon. More information to come.

If you are interested in learning more about our transportation options or have a van that you may be interested in donating please let us know to get us moving! The costs of these wheelchair accessible vans are outrageous and therefore we are always accepting donations.

Member Benefits In Assistive Transportation:

  • The fee charged by Preferred Transportation Providers to the member is typically 20% lower than the fee charged by other competitors/agencies.
  • All drivers who are part of the Club ABLE PPN have been trained to assist various types of people with disabilities
  • Better quality, better communication, better support, better Care.

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