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Please contact our Business Development team at if you are a business interested in becoming part of our Preferred Provider Network or are a member who wants to receive more competitive pricing at a vendor not listed here. 

Member Benefits

The Club-ABLE member network model functions well when preferred vendors first address the basic needs that anyone needs to live more independently. For many of our members, this begins at home: with daily dressing, eating, and clean environment; it extends to the functionality of the home, and ability to leave it.

The success of the Club-ABLE member network lies in its ability to influence vendors because of the power in numbers. This model is mutually beneficial to members and vendors, because it leverages the purchasing power of current and potential customers to prefer one vendor over another for two reasons, First, the member network’s volume leverages lower pricing and. Second, the vendor is able to being more attention to itself as a company committed to accessibility and sensitivity among staff to anticipate needs of customers with various disabilities.

Our Preferred Providers are held accountable by members and reviewed regularly by Club-ABLE staff and members to continue being in our network Every member’s comments and suggestions are taken into consideration as we expand, both to diversify options based on member geography and the variation in services and products used by members to increase independence in their lives.