Housekeeping Services

Finding a house cleaning service can be challenging when needing competent crews with specialized requests like non-toxic and chemical-free cleaning, if needed. Cleaning crews in the Club-ABLE Preferred Provider Network understand that they should have an added awareness as to the physical barriers of the home and sensitivity to ask and to inventory of any specialized requests (ie not unplugging an oxygen machine).

Our Providers have the self-awareness that their cleaning crew will need to communicate with the member about specific requests.

Member Benefits in Housekeeping

  • The fee charged by the entity to the member is typically 20% lower than the fee charged by other competitors/agencies.
  • Housekeepers are required to communicate with members regarding special requests related to disability and have greater proactive engagement.
  • Better quality, better communication, better support, better care.

FEATURED Preferred Provider:

Dutch Touch, Inc.

Provides a 20% discount which has been negotiated down to the pricing shown below.

Maid / Housekeeping Services:

  • $24 per hour (minimum of 3 hours).

Handyman Services

  • $38 per hour (minimum of 2 hours).

Carpet Cleaning Services:

  • $32 per room.

Window Cleaning Services:

  • Window cleaning services: $6.50 per window (minimum $80).

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