Care Giving

Club ABLE offers a better model that is beneficial to both the member and their caregivers.

Care Giving

A Better Business Model

In California, the majority of caregivers are not required to be licensed: provided they do not engage in medical services, such as Rx (Prescription) administration, or patient diagnosis and treatment. Most are employed directly by the patient, their family or agencies/registers. Training is minimal at best. Agencies usually require background checks, a TB test, and drug testing. They make their profit by marking up the fees that they pay to their employees, therefore,  it is in their best interest to charge as much as possible and to pay as little as possible, as long as they comply with market and regulatory rules.

​​Club ABLE offers a better model that is beneficial to both the member and their caregivers. The proven model was initially launched 20 years ago and by Dutch Touch Inc.. Typically, the caregiver is self employed/entity is a two-person business partnership that provides the services. The entity/partnership is entitled to deduct all legitimate business expenses such as transportation, uniforms, advertising, communication costs etc. Participants benefit by charging a premium vs. the pay they would receive from the agency. Also, they benefit from from tax savings compared to a typical W-2 employee. The business entity operates similar to a sub-contractor in the construction industry. Club ABLE contracts with the business entities to deliver caregiving services to its members. Club ABLE can offer premium services, better quality, and a compassionate team by your side.

Member Benefits in Caregiving:

  • The fee charged by the entity to the member is typically 20% lower than the fee charged by other competitors/agencies.
  • Caregivers are required to complete a training program that was designed by a physically disadvantaged adult in a wheelchair.
  • Two person teams are more efficient and able to offer better support members in their day-to-day activities. 
  • Members can be assured that one of the partner caregivers is always available as backup. 
  • Better quality, better communication, better support, better Care

Two-Person Team Advantage

With at least two person teams available to a member, the member's needs are better served because the two individuals can complement each other and provide backup  when needed since both are familiar with the special needs of the member.

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