Advocacy Services



Club-ABLE believes that this service will be one of the most valuable ones for the members. As a physically disabled person most of her life, Club-ABLE Founder Dina Reh has had to daily cope with a broken healthcare delivery system and a confusing array of assistive services

Empowerment Officer

The role of the Empowerment Officer within Club-ABLE is not to simply provide telephone numbers to the various public and private agencies that provide services and assistance to the physically disabled community, but to also help members individually understand:

  • How each service works
  • Its rules and regulations
  • Benefits to the member for their purposes
  • Risks of using these services

The Empowerment Officer advocates for the member on a hands-on basis. Currently we are seeking funding by grants for this position, with the sustainability provided through future membership fees making this a self funding reality in years to come.

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